DOUBLE RAW, is a Czech Street Metal band that was started in Prague in the fall of 2017. DOUBLE RAW is a young, hard rockin‘ quartet consisting of seasoned members; Peter Duff, vocals and lyrics , Stevie Gunn on guitars, Nikki Allin on bass, and Rikki Wild on drums. They combine the sounds of Sleaze, Glam, and Metal into a new type of metal. Melodic, Heavy and Raw!

Stevie, Nikki and Rikki had been playing together in the band Nasty Ratz for the past 4 years. They found themselves moving away from the Glam theme. They wanted to play their music, which had been bubbling under the surface and left to pursue their own sound and in the fall of 2017, adding seasoned vocalist Peter Duff formed DOUBLE RAW. In their previous line up ‚ Stevie, Rikki and Nikki played throughout Europe, forging strong ties with the fans while touring with bands like Tigertailz(UK), Bai Bang(Sweden), The Last Vegas(USA) and Toxicrose(Sweden) as well as Bloody Heels(Latvia); most recently as DOUBLE RAW.

The new configuration has been notably recognized for their Raw but Melodic sound. While it’s true that Europe is a hot spot for the return of the 80‘s metal bands, DOUBLE RAW brings to the table a new unique sound. The listener truly is hearing something new in the genre; not a remake of what was heard in the 80’s. New, Unique, and Relentless! You won’t see these guys prancing around in overdone costumes with obvious choreography.

They are RAW.

Thanks to their previous configuration ‚ The Guys have an established fan base and now with Peter fronting the band they are going where they haven’t been before. Able to pursue their sound!

Being hailed as The New Wave Of Hair Metal, DOUBLE RAW explodes onto the stage. The music hits the audience like a hurricane blowing full force off the stage. Front man Peter Duff is a man possessed, lost in the moment, and delivers an electrifying performance no matter if the audience is 500 or 5000.

Fan favorite, A MILLION FACES, the bands first music video release, continues to wow the audience with every performance. DOUBLE RAW’S second single release, PURE WILL, released in November, is cleaver and delivers that punch that fans have come to expect from DOUBLE RAW. The band continues to push themselves to bring the fans a repertoire of new songs and a non-stop show.